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    Short Presentations

    In a nutshell – CMP Short Stories:
    The call for abstracts for a max. 5min pre-recorded short presentation on one of the conference focus topics is now closed (check out the CALL information). By mid march 2021, all presentations listed below will be added accordingly. Then, you are welcome to take a look at a small selection of short presentations covering various conference topics.

    In case you have any questions considering the scientific work presented, please contact the authors via email. You´ll soon find the relevant contact data below each presentation. Do you have technical questions? Please contact anne.mesecke@dbfz.de.

    Designing synthetic microbiomes with metabolic modeling techniques to enhance biogas production

    Optimization analysis of biological power-to-methane with Matlab/Simulink

    Sand and gravel deposited in the fermentation chamber during the anaerobic digestion of chicken manure

    Simulating biogas production in agricultural biogas plants based on a first-order reaction model

    Model-based analysis to increase the efficiency of a biogas plant

    Assessment and Mitigation of Methane Emissions from agricultural Biogas Plants in Southern Germany

    Potential of F420 tail length for the characterization of acetoclastic and hydrogenotrophic methanogens – a preliminary study

    Questions? Please contact