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    Technical instructions | Online conference

    FAQ | Tipps and Tricks | Technical Notes

    In a nutshell

    You find detailed information on how to attend Webex Meetings online. You also find a wide range of video tutorials on how to use Webex Meetings here.
    Access link: Can´t find your access link information to the online conference? Check your spam folder or write an e-mail to anne.mesecke@dbfz.de.
    W-LAN/Internet connection: Make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Your WLAN at home can also be a bottleneck. Please use a LAN cable to connect to the Internet. In many cases, the WLAN network is heavily loaded and audio and video connections in particular require a stable bandwidth. See more info here.
    Browser Google Chrome: We recommend using Google Chrome. From experience, the access and connection quality can be best guaranteed here.

    Online Conference Tool Cisco Webex

    Log in to Cisco Webex with your first and last name. You can change your name in the pre-window on the top left by clicking on the pencil.

    Audio and video: Test your audio and microphone settings (Check instructions under “Connect Audio” online).

    Turn off your microphone if you do not speak.

    Raise your hand, if you want to speak by clicking on the icon beside your name in the participant list.

    Screen settings: use the video layout options to focus on the video to engage with fellow participants and stay focused on the person speaking or shared content, see detailed info on the various options online.

    Don´t see graphcis correctly? Zoom in, zoom out using the vertical panel on the left of your screen.

    Chat and participation list: both instruments can be found on the right side of your Webex window. Click on the respective icon to open the lists.

    Audio problem, bandwith to low: If you choose to Use Internet for Audio, you use your 3G or 4G data plan unless you're on a Wi-Fi connection. If a participant who doesn't have wide-band audio joins a meeting that's using wide-band audio, audio for everyone is downgraded. Webex Meetings gives no warning message before the downgrade.

    Having a problem not mentioned above? See here for known issues and limitations. You can also check all operating Systems and Browsers supporting Webex Meetings Web App online.

    Questions? Please contact